Monday, December 5, 2011

Giving Thanks

       We have a lot to be thankful for. Sometimes, it's hard to see it all through the fog of long hours, limited family time, and distant goals, but we are thank-to-the-full. We are warm, our bellies are full, we get to chase, play and tumble together, and our dog loves us unconditionally. So we're thankful for this journey and we're thankful for our healthy little family.
        Thanksgiving almost seems like the blink of an eye now that we're in the midst of the Christmas season but I didn't want to pass over it completely. 
We're certainly thankful for little cousins this year 
(and possibly a little jealous of their tame hair).
We're thankful for party dresses and  pony rides.
We're thankful for technology that keeps little 
minds busy nowadays.
And, we're thankful for cousins that share their crayons.

We're thankful for cousins that become besties.
Someday soon, these two are going to be trouble.
And we're thankful for sweet girls, 
and little boys that don't need shirts
(I swear he had a cute party shirt on,
but it got striped down during a feeding battle with mama).
In our house, Thanksgiving has always meant cake and gifts,
and I'm just now starting to realize that that isn't normal. 
We have  A LOT of birthdays to celebrate in November and early December,
and if I tried to list them all here, I would probably miss someone.
It's enough to make you bankrupt when paired perfectly
with the Christmas shopping season.
We're thankful for pictures with cousins.
Even though they may not be perfectly successful. 
But they tell a story.
Yes, mines the one front and center.
Jon says he gets his fiery personality from me,
but I don't know what he's talking about.
I'm thankful for a husband that is teaching me what it 
means to really work for what you want.
I'm thankful for the amazing kisses that my boy gives me.
I'm thankful that my little boy, runs to my big boy, when he comes in the door.
And I'm thankful that my four-legged guy is laying at my feet,
keeping me warm and cozy.

I may also be thankful that I'm a.l.m.o.s.t. done with my Christmas shopping.
I'll be back to share a little about how the Milams have been 
decking the halls and getting ready for Santa!

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