Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Photo Dump: August

       From the Catskills in October to a random post of photos of August, I'm just trying to get myself caught up. It feels good to be back.
Our kid is a real maniac. 
A nut head. 
He absolutely takes after his father. 
No doubt about that.
I take comfort in the fact that I hear
that boys are easier as they get older.
We keep up with him as best we can. 
But most days, he wins. 
He gets himself into mischief, a lot.
That's his the dogs water.

We cannot keep this child clean. 
He is dirty. All. The. Time.
But, his good looks help him get away with it. 
Most of the time.
He has his sweet moments,
and I eat those up when I can get them.
In August we attempted a one night camping trip at
a small lake near our house. 
It's in the mountains that run behind our neighborhood,
and as the crow flies it's only about 5 miles away. 
Driving roundabout though it takes about 30-40 minutes 
to get there.
We made plans to head there for a window of
about twenty-four hours that we finally had off together. 
So we plopped ourselves in the shade, 
in the dirt, 
with a couple of beers,
and sat, 
It was awesome.
Of course, our main man kept us busy at all times.
Never, ever, does that child rest.
It was all just what the 
our-schedules-are-way-too-chaotic doctor ordered.
And it was oh-so-peaceful.
There was dirt and snot.
We felt at home.

And we may or may not have had a naked
boy crawling around our tent at one point. 
I'll spare you the pictures of his bare fanny.
But then, 
sadly, this started.
And it wouldn't stop
(Sadly, our poor guy was getting some teeth in).
So as the sun was setting, 
and we were losing our parental patience, 
we packed up in a rush and left for home. 
On the one hand we were so lucky to be so close
to home with a sad baby, but on the other hand
we were so bummed that our camping trip was cut short. 

       These pictures make me miss Summer already. Fall has been wonderful so far, but it's no Summer. Speaking of Autumn, I've got more pictures of September & October in the lineup. Stay tuned!

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