Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Friends Forever

...Or at least the next 13 years or so.
       In our house, Jon and I are chum. We're just here to pay the bills and do the chores. Blue is the real prize. Nolan will babble to Blue, not to us. He laughs and stares and Blue provides lots of kisses. We actually have to try to steal Nolan's attention away from Blue... regularly. I don't really know how people raise a baby without a dog around. I guess you buy lots of toys. We have very few toys... just a baby loving dog. And we're starting to think that Nolan's first word won't be "mom" or "dad," but "Blue." 

Oh, and there's the free pony rides.
So if you're thinking of having a kiddo, go out and get yourself an amazing yellow lab, stat. 
A mellow lab. 
A well behaved lab.
 A baby loving lab. 

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