Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Project Nursery: Recycle, Reuse and Paint

       Jon and I are always looking for low cost alternatives. A few months we came across a collection of metal letters that no longer had a use. When we started plans on the nursery I knew I wanted to incorporate them.        
Here they are, pre-paint

Up close, they clearly needed some cleaning up

I was eager to get started on them
       Step one was to remove the 2" screws in the back of the letters. Next, I gave them a good wipe down and cleaning to prepare them for paint. I picked up five different shades of green from Michaels at .59 each, and sat down to get to work. 

Two coats of paint later, I have some beauties

       For $2.95, I now have some decor for baby Milam's wall. Next up, I just have to get Jon to hang them. 

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